Our Climate Projects

We support UN-certified climate projects (CDM) that are also Gold Standard-certified. When you choose UN-certified Gold Standard projects you have all the members of the UN and 80 different environment NGOs behind you - among them WWF.

Gold Standard also focuses on other sustainability aspects than the climate - reducing poverty and contributing to cleaner air and water - which is reported through the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. You can find more information about the projects on the UNFCCC website and the Gold Standards website.

All climate projects are verified by an independent third party, such as TÜV and DNV. All the protocols are public and follow the projects during the project time to be able to guarantee that real climate benefit is obtained.

The Climate Projects we have invested in together

Project name Country Map Investment certificate Date of Investment Project Certification Tonnes CO2 More Information
Za Hung Hydropower Vietnam Google Maps Certificate 2018-12-19 CDM+GS 15000 More info
Banga biogas Thailand Google Maps Certificate 2018-12-18 CDM+GS 15000 More info
Nanyang Danjiang River Solar Cooker Project China Google Maps Certificate 2018-12-14 CDM+GS 15000 More info
Wind Farm in Karnataka India Google Maps Certificate 2018-11-28 CDM+GS 15000 More info
Godawari Green Energy Solar India Google Maps Certificate 2018-10-18 CDM+GS 10000 More info
Za Hung Hydropower Vietnam Google Maps Certificate 2018-08-22 CDM+GS 6000 More info
Landfill Gas to Electricity Project Thailand Google Maps Certificate 2018-06-12 CDM+GS 4000 More info
Nanyang Danjiang River Solar Cooker Project China Google Maps Certificate 2018-03-16 CDM+GS 4000 More info
Solar Power Company 94 MW Solar PV Project Thailand Google Maps Certificate 2018-01-19 CDM+GS 1000 More info
Dak Pone Hydro Power Vietnam Google Maps Certificate 2017-09-11 CDM+GS 1000 More info
Ullunkal Hydro Power Project and more India Google Maps Certificate 2017-07-24 CDM 300 More info
Renewable energy generation project India Google Maps Certificate 2017-07-21 CDM 75 More info
Solar Project in Gujarat India Google Maps Certificate 2017-06-26 CDM 400 More info
Wind power project in Tamilnadu India Google Maps Certificate 2017-06-12 CDM 90 More info
Trang Palm Oil Wastewater Treatment Project in Trang Province Thailand Google Maps Certificate 2017-05-21 CDM 50 More info
Godawari Power Project India Google Maps Certificate 2017-05-02 CDM 42 More info
14 MW Wind Power Project in Maharashtra India Google Maps Certificate 2017-04-21 CDM 24 More info

We are 100% transparent.

We are 100% transparent in which both UN and Gold Standard-certified climate offset projects we invest in, and why.

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