Go Climate Neutral!

We invest in certified climate offset projects for you and show you easy ways to reduce your climate footprint - in this way you help slow down climate change and contribute to saving our planet.

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We are 100% transparent

We are 100% transparent in which both UN and Gold Standard-certified climate offset projects we invest in, and why. We are also 100% transparent with the amount carbon we manage to offset with your help, and how much carbon we manage to offset in total.

We are very climate efficient

We invest in the most effective certified climate offset projects we can find, so that your money slows down climate change as much as possible.

It's more fun to save the planet together!

By offsetting your climate impact with us, you inspire others to do the same. Climate change is a challenge we face together, so we should fight it together as well.


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How do we calculate the carbon footprints? How do I know what climate offset projects are invested in? Can I really become completely climate neutral? Read more on our FAQ.